Arts thriving throughout

Author visit ANL-141119-161448001
Author visit ANL-141119-161448001
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Following success in gaining the Arts Mark Gold Award, the standard of art is as impressive as ever.

The growing arts culture is contagious throughout the school, which thrives from artistic excellence and we wish to exercise this enthusiasm.

Our thriving Art department have held various events over the past week to encourage students from all abilities to release their artistic potential.

One event was ‘The Big Draw’, an annual affair open to the whole school. The aim of the project is to create a large image that reflects the views and experiences of the whole school.

This year, the challenge was to create a world map, with each student contributing an image from a country they have visited.

The result was incredible, revealing how diverse and well-rounded Spalding High School students are.

In celebration of this miscellany of students, the school also hosted Year Nine Art Day with the theme ‘Diversity’.

Students participated in various activities including dance, drama, music and art and worked on projects throughout the day that reflected their individuality.

However, the school does not only prosper in artistic excellence but dramatic merit. In reflection of this, the school will be performing their adaptation of Titus Andronicus on Tuesday, November 25 at 4.30pm following their success at the Shakespeare Schools Festival in October. The play is one of Shakespeare’s most gruesome tragedies with a total of eleven murders within this 30 minute abridged adaptation.

The performance was highly praised at the Key Theatre and the school are thrilled to be able to perform this once more.

This performance will be held to raise money for the Drama department to ensure the high standard of school productions can be maintained.

Success in the arts cannot be achieved without the continued support of teachers and pupils alike.

Author shares her success with students

The growing alumni of Spalding High School include doctors, lawyers, teachers and even published authors.

Linda Bennett revisited the school to share her success and inspire budding authors.

Mrs Bennett held a creative writing workshop for Year Nine Gifted and Talented pupils and a discussion groups for Sixth Formers interested in becoming authors once they have left the school.

Throughout the day, pupils were also able to purchase some of her novels including ‘Sausage Hall’, ‘In the Family’ and ‘Almost Love’ which were well received by all students.

The day was thoroughly enjoyed by the students.