Annika starring on Come Dine With Me

Annika Taylor,  chef - Surfleet'Photo:  SG221013-TW ENGANL00520131022205439
Annika Taylor, chef - Surfleet'Photo: SG221013-TW ENGANL00520131022205439
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A trainee accountant from South Holland is appearing on Channel 4’s hit show Come Dine With Me this week.

Annika Taylor (24), from Surfleet, was the first to cook a three course meal for her four fellow contestants, whom she was playing against to win £1,000.

Annika, who is a trainee accountant at Bulley Davey in Spalding, was encouraged to fill out a form to go on the show by her boyfriend Jim Toblin when he spotted a poster asking for applicants while the pair were eating a meal with friends in a restaurant.

Annika said: “I never thought I’d get on the show but I filled out the ridiculously long application form and heard back from them about two weeks before we were due to start filming and they wanted me.

“I immediately called my Dad and said I didn’t want to do it, but he said I had to.”

Former Spalding High School student Annika says that her family are the reason behind why she loves cooking.

She said: “My Mum, Nan and Auntie all really inspired me to cook and we’re a big family so we like to cook for parties and that was when I started.

“Now I live with my boyfriend and I cook every day - it’s not a chore though because I love it.”

Annika cooked spicy pumpkin soup, venison and juniper pie followed by profiteroles for pudding on the show, but said that they wouldn’t eat until late during filming.

She said: “On the day where I cooked, I was filmed from 8am to 2am the following morning.

“When we were at the other contestants’ houses, we weren’t eating pudding until gone midnight so it was quite surreal.

“Filming took a long time and I was still going to work every day so I was absolutely knackered.”

Despite her episode being broadcast on Monday night, Annika only found the courage to watch it 24 hours later.

She said: “On the night, everyone was texting me to say it was fine and that I came across well but I couldn’t watch.

“I’ve watched it now and I’m happy - they didn’t make me look too mental, although I do look quite annoyed in the part where we had to sit in the hot tub.”

Annika kept her lips firmly sealed when asked if she could say who won, but she did say that she has kept in contact with some of her fellow contestants.

She said: “I get on really well with Sylvia and the girls.

“I’m very happy I did it.”

Episodes are on Channel 4 this week at 5pm.