All change for mobile libraries

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THREE mobile library stops will be scrapped after council bosses found they were not used enough.

Lincolnshire County Council carried out a four month review of its mobile library routes last year - looking at whether stops in Gosberton Clough, Northorpe, Lutton, Gedney Drove, End, Kirton End, Lound and Sutton Bridge attracted enough borrowers.

In the monitoring period council chiefs vowed to keep stops that attracted a minimum of three visitors per hour.

Stops in Hundreds Lane, Gosberton Clough and St Nicholas Way in Lutton attracted only attracted one customer on average and the one at Day’s Lane in Northorpe, near Donington, attracted 0.5 visitors per half hour.

All three will be deleted from the mobile library route.

A stop in Station Road in Kirton, which was introduced in May 2008 to add to the static library’s opening hours, only attracted 2.69 per half hour. That stop be cut from a weekly two hour visit to a monthly one hour stay.

Stops in Main Road, Gedney Drove End, by the phone box at Kirton End, at The Crossroads in Lound and at Church Gate/Youth Centre/Village Hall/St Matthew’s Drive in Sutton Bridge were saved after meeting the required number of visitors.

Coun Eddy Poll, executive member for cultural services, said: “To ensure the efficiency of our mobile library service, we have reviewed the performance of mobile library stops in rural villages, looking at the average number of customers visiting the stops. We have also reviewed the stops that were introduced two years ago to support our static libraries.

“Under-performing stops were monitored for four months, and stops that did not meet the minimum requirement of three customers per 30 minute visit will now either be discontinued or offered a reduced service. This will create opportunities for new areas to receive a mobile library service.”

Details of four new stops to replace the ones deleted in this review have not yet been released. New routes will issued by March 1 and will begin to run from April 1.

Customers on the affected routes will be referred to other routes.