ALBUM REVIEW: Disappointing album just doesn’t cut the mustard

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Courteeners - Concrete Love

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The opening track of this album left this reviewer very excited for the following ten songs, with its dark sound which reminded her a lot of Closer by Nine Inch Nails. However, she was left disappointed when most of the subsequent songs were not the same.

White Horses sounds great and is a brilliant opener – the band have clearly been inspired by something dark and mysterious... ut How Good It Was and Small Bones just don’t cut the mustard.

The album is very monotonous, with some tracks seeming to mix into one another, leaving the listener slightly bored.

However, Saboteur with its great guitar riff and edgy sound gave this reviewer a big wake up call, right before the end of the album.

Once again, I found calm while listening to Dreamers – the penultimate track – which sounds like an angelic song you might hear in a dream.

It cannot be denied that Courteeners have a specific and distinctive sound.

It is understandable why this band headlined the Radio 1/NME Stage at Reading and Leeds Festival this year – they have a huge following – however, previous hits such as Not Nineteen Forever are a bit more up this reviewer’s street. Not the worst album, but also not the best.

Kat Wakefield – 5/10