Achieving the perfect summer legs

Use a fake tan to instantly improve the appearance of your summer legs.
Use a fake tan to instantly improve the appearance of your summer legs.

This is the time of year when more flesh tends to be on show than normal.

Lots of sunshine and fresh air can do wonders for the facial skin, providing we wear appropriate sun screens when we’re out and about.

However, when it comes to getting our legs out, many of us are far less confident.

They possibly spend most of their lives hiding under trousers and so don’t usually get an awful lot of care and attention.

But when the weather starts to sizzle, it really is time to put on a dress and show off those legs.

A little time spent in preparation will do wonders for confidence levels.

For a start, inactivity and a job that involves a lot of standing does the legs no favours.

Start by strengthening the leg muscles with regular, energetic walks – aim for three times a week and build from there providing there are no health reasons that prevent this level of activity.

For a more gentle approach, adopt a few yoga moves, such as lifting the legs into the air and stretching the toes and heels alternately. You might also try leaning the legs against a wall occasionally when watching television or listening to music – or treat yourself to a leg massage!

It’s never too late to make improvements to our diet. Aim for a low-salt diet and drink plenty of water.

Then, it’s time to consider the colour of your legs. They’re likely to be pale and very uninteresting after months in the dark, so you might consider having a spray tan treatment carried out by a salon.

Alternatively, there are plenty of products on the market that you could try yourself. However, make sure you get rid of dry skin patches first and use plenty of moisturiser.

Finally, apply fake tans with caution to avoid that orange look!