A town inspector drops by

Insp Jim Tyner at Tulip Radio 107.5FM.
Insp Jim Tyner at Tulip Radio 107.5FM.

Calling the tune BY TULIP RADIO

Recently, we had the pleasure of talking to Inspector Jim Tyner from Spalding Police Station.

It has been some months since we quizzed him about police operations within South Holland so we started by asking him whether it was true that crime figures were down in Lincolnshire.

Insp Tyner told us that although there had been a drop in crime, this didn’t mean that he would need less officers on the beat.

Police officer numbers within Lincolnshire are below the norm and Insp Tyner said that the county’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Alan Hardwick, is inviting a Government minister to Lincolnshire in an attempt to secure extra funding.

Lincolnshire Police operates over a very large and sparsely populated area where physical resources are often stretched to the limit.

It is hoped the Commissioner will be successful in his search for extra cash to help a police force that has been commended for its efficiency savings and held up as an example of how to make the best use of dwindling resources.

Insp Tyner also discussed street drinking and anti-social behaviour with us, reiterating his belief that whilst the problem hadn’t gone away, his officers have been called out much less frequently to deal with this issue.