£20,000 funding for Holbeach vision

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HOLBEACH has won a rare £20,000 funding pot to pay for a 20-year vision for the town.

South Holland District Council made a successful application to the Department for Communities and Local Government on the behalf of Holbeach to come up with its own neighbourhood plan.

The town was not among the first “frontrunners” to be announced as being successful, but at last week’s council meeting Coun Roger Gambba-Jones revealed it will now be receiving £20,000.

The news was welcomed by Coun Nick Worth, portfolio holder of place for Holbeach, who said it was one of only three or four successful bids in the East Midlands.

This follows Holbeach’s Parish Plan – a document that lists off a series of smaller scale steps people wanted to see to improve the area now – and will involve residents in helping set out a strategy for future developments.

Coun Worth said: “This is really good news – we are just waiting for the letter from the Government to see how it’s going to work.

“I am assuming we will use the bulk of that money to pay somebody to put a plan together.

“The parish council and local community will be the ones saying ‘we want the houses there, the leisure facility there’ rather than in the old days when the district perhaps said ‘this is what we are doing, like it or lump it’.

“This is going to be community driven, it is quite exciting.

“I would say this is looking at the next ten to 20 years, the long term vision. It is going to be quite a challenge but we will sit down with the planners and work out how we are going to do it.”

Coun Worth said there were only about 50 successful applications across the country – and that around 30 missed out.

Some of those were due to the fact that the Government changed its mind over who should be responsible for the neighbourhood plans, but its desire to make them the responsibility of district councils benefited Holbeach.