Pace will put on an Elio of a show for Billy Joel fans

Elio Pace
Elio Pace
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Pianist and singer-songwriter Elio Pace first appeared at the South Holland Centre in 2008 as a member of Grammy Award-winning Albert Lee’s band.

Since then, his talents have been admired by many from his own touring shows and regular performances on Weekend Wogan.

Elio now makes his second headline appearance at the South Holland Centre when he brings his sensational new show ‘The Billy Joel Songbook’ to the Spalding stage. He told us why he is so passionate about the ‘Piano Man’.

Why did you decide to do a Billy Joel Songbook show?

It has been a dream of mine for 30 years to do this show, ever since I fell in love with his song ‘This Night’ when I heard it in the mid-80s sometime. I waited and waited, expecting somebody to put together a concert show of Billy Joel’s songs but no-one ever did, so I decided it was my calling.

What can the audience expect on the night?

Hit after hit after hit with some fantastic lesser-known album tracks thrown in there for the diehard fans. Approximately 38 songs in a three-hour show all played live by myself and my fantastic band.

You’ve also had the privilege to play with Billy Joel’s band. How did you feel when you first performed with them?

It was an indescribable thrill of a lifetime to actually make music with Larry Russell on bass, Rhys Clark on drums and Don Evans on guitar – the guys that were there right at the beginning of Billy Joel’s solo career.

Do you have a favourite Billy Joel song?

I really don’t have a standout favourite song that I always go back to. Each song has a special memory attached to it for me and every single song thrills me because of its incredible musical composition.

So now that you are fulfilling your lifelong ambition with ‘The Billy Joel songbook’, where will you go next?

Well, there are still approximately 80 songs that aren’t in the show so I reckon another 17 years of doing this Billy Joel Songbook tour should do it! I also love writing my own songs so I plan to continue doing that too.

* Elio Pace and his band perform The Billy Joel Songbook on Thursday, November 27 at 7.30pm.

Tickets are £20 or £18 for concessions from the South Holland Centre Box Office 01775 764777 or online at