No pain, no gain but I found it great fun

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Jase agreed to put me through my paces with a taster boot camp session. It’s been a few years since I exercised regularly - if you don’t count running round after a three and four-year-old.

So, I was slightly scared when he said he’d spent five years in the military, but right from the start he put me at ease, telling me that although they may be group sessions, everyone works at their own pace and attempts exercises suited to their level of ability.

We started off with some warm up stretches and movements to loosen me up, including squats, lunges and arm rotations.

Then it was down to some HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) - including three rounds of burpees, press ups and sit ups. The final sets were hard going but I was determined to complete them, which I’m pleased to say I did – just!

Although they’re not going to be included in the boot camp yet, Jase also showed me some exercises using an 8kg kettle bell, to work the triceps and biceps, and once he’d explained and showed me the technique I soon got into my stride.

We rounded the session off with some warm down stretches and I was pleasantly surprised to find myself feeling full of beans by the time we’d finished.

Considering my general lack of fitness, I wasn’t in too much pain the next day either, although my legs and arms felt a bit tight, due to some of the movements – mainly the burpees I think. That said, perhaps I’m not as unfit as I feared – and, well, as the saying goes no pain, no gain.

Anyone looking to adopt a new regime to kick start some weight loss, or just improve their fitness, then I’d definitely recommend signing up for Jase’s boot camp – as well as hard work, I think it’ll be great fun.