GAMING REVIEW: It’s another great slam dunk effort

NBA 2K15 ANL-141014-112731001
NBA 2K15 ANL-141014-112731001
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NBA 2K15 (XONE/PS4/X360/PS3/PC)

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The award-winning basketball franchise continues to spectacularly score from ‘downtown’ with its first ‘proper’ next-gen incarnation – complete with superb soundtrack overseen by Pharrell Williams.

With 5,000 brand new animations this version looks the most realistic ever with simply jaw-dropping graphics, coupled with its great broadcast-style presentation, extensive modes – and for the first time it includes 25 of the top teams from the Euroleague.

If you’re being extremely picky the defending mechanisms need a bit of tinkering, but that’s a small price to pay as cover star Kevin Durant and co. deliver another resounding slam dunk.

By Gavin Miller Rating: 5/5