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Inspector Jim’s on a mission

Tulip Radio recently had the opportunity of interviewing the new Community Policing Officer for Spalding, Inspector Jim Tyner.

Jim’s new mission is to continue work within the community to make Spalding’s town centre a safer place.

Jim discussed a number of new local initiatives including the proposed Street Pastor Scheme due to be introduced shortly in Spalding Town Centre.

Street pastors are already on the streets of Boston and Stamford, and have proven to be an effective way of helping vulnerable people on the streets who are in distress and require care.

Practical help provided by street pastors includes handing out space blankets outside nightclubs, and flip-flops to clubbers unable to walk home in their high-heeled footwear; and also providing water for people suffering from dehydration. Following a local grant for this scheme, Inspector Tyner expected pastors to be on the streets by December.

We also discussed other current policing issues in Spalding including cyclists not obeying the road traffic laws and the steps that he intends to take to persuade them to modify their behaviour.

He mentioned continuing problems of anti-social drivers in our supermarket car parks in South Holland plus the perpetual issue of street drinking.

You can listen to our interview with Jim on the Podcast section on our website: