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Sisters of the East End, by Helen Batten

RRP £6.99

A real treat for any fan of Call the Midwife, this book is full of heart-warming tales of nursing and midwifery from the sisters who worked with Jennifer Worth (the author of Call the Midwife).

Helen Batten has based her story of Katie on the real experiences of the six Sisters of the Community of St John the Divine and their lives working as nurses and midwives in the East End and abroad.

Sisters of the East End follows Katie on her journey to become Sister Catherine Mary as she learns about the dedication, love and tragedy involved in the life of a nursing sister.

Katie’s journey also has its humorous hiccups, such as the time she bumped into the formidable Sister Julia in her “old night attire” (which had to be worn out before being replaced with a nun’s night attire), which, as a twenty-something at the end of the fifties, was a short black “baby doll” nightie with black frilly knickers!