BOOK OF THE WEEK: The Boy from Treacle Bumstead by Ken Sears RRP £6.99

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Ken Sears was born into a large family in Hertfordshire in 1934.

When wartime came, evacuees and American GIs arrived in Hemel Hempstead – the ‘Treacle Bumstead’ of the title – and Ken’s life was set to change. 
At the age of nine he was caught stealing eggs and accused of killing a chicken (this is something he maintains he did not do) and was sent to reform school for five years.

The harsh conditions of reform school bred a tough teenager who was called up for National Service in 1952. Spending time in Europe and Korea, ever-plucky Ken was always in trouble, doing more than his fair share of ‘jankers’. 
After returning home he worked in the building trade all his life and saw Treacle Bumstead change beyond all recognition.

This is a wonderfully entertaining testament to a generation of men who did National Service, fought wars, built towns and stood up to everything in their way.