BLU-RAY/DVD REVIEW: Watchable sci-fi fare for all the family

Earth to Echo ANL-141111-105816001
Earth to Echo ANL-141111-105816001
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While not exactly living up to its ‘E.T. for the new generation tag’ – this still proves to be watchable family fare.

When an inseparable trio of boys, including former US X-Factor contestant Brian ‘Astro’ Bradley – recently seen starring alongside Liam Neeson in A Walk in the Tombstones – receive a bizarre series of encrypted messages, they embark on an sci-fi adventure with an extra terrestrial being that needs their help.

Its comparisons with the aforementioned Spielberg classic doesn’t do it any favours – particularly when it veers closely to stereotypical plot mechanics – but this does provide a reasonably entertaining diversion without offering anything groundbreaking.

By Gavin Miller Rating: 3/5