ALBUM REVIEW: Saying goodbye ‘darlin’ to this album

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Allo Darlin’ – We Come From The Same Place

Out October 20 – Fortuna Pop! Recordings

This album really was not for me. It’s monotonous, with no surprises whatsoever throughout and it leaves me feeling bored when I listen to it.

Allo Darlin’ is an “Anglo-Australian” four piece band and you can definitely hear the Australian inspired sound in the instrumentation.

This is the third album for the band and it does have a nice, gentle sound about it - the acoustic sound reminds me of the music that was really big in the mid-00’s.

Fans of The Kooks and The Magic Numbers would probably love every second of We Come From The Same Place, with songs such as Romance and Adventure and their latest single Bright Eyes adhearing to this style.

Singer Elizabeth Morris must be given credit as her voice truly is lovely - it reminds me of Sandi Thom and Amy Macdonald.

In a review of this album in the New York Times, a quote says “It’s like a less moody Belle & Sebastian” and I couldn’t agree more.

There is nothing seriously unfortunate about this album, but it isn’t one that grabs me by the ears and demands my attention from the opening bars.

I’d say it would be good background music.

Kat Wakefield