Living with: Ford Edge

Living with: Ford Edge
Living with: Ford Edge

Does Ford’s big wagon match up to the ‘U’ in ‘SUV’?

As we all (sort of) know, the ‘U’ in SUV stands for ‘utility’. The custodian of our long-term Ford Edge – a photographer – needs plenty of that because, despite the miniaturising advances of the digital age, he still needs to bring what seems like several hundredweight of assorted paraphernalia along on every photoshoot.

In the early days of his tenure, he wasn’t sure that the Edge would be utilitarian enough for his needs, but after a series of shoots he’s been happy to set that uncertainty aside.

With rarely a day passing without the Ford being stuffed to the gills with journalists, human beings and camera gear, the pressure has been on our snapper, but he’s discovered a capable all-rounder in the Edge. Folding away the back seats creates a flat floor with hardly any loading lip to get over, making light work of loading large, awkward items like tripods and heavy lighting rigs.

If he hasn’t been busy enough during working hours, our man has also had to fit a new wooden floor in his living room. With one section of the Ford’s 60/40 rear seats folded down and his wife taking up station in the remaining rear seat – the front one having been pushed right forward – the Edge managed to swallow up nine packages of of 222cm-long wooden slats.

There’s plenty of cabin storage space for slightly smaller items too. Decently proportioned front door bins and a refreshingly large glovebox tag-team with a nifty little cubbyhole below the air con controls and, best of all, a massive bin between the front seats. That houses a 12V charger, aux-in and USB sockets, and enough room for various items of clothing and a big bottle of water.

The clothing items are for outside, as there’s no need for them when you’re toasting nicely in the electrically adjustable, heated (and cooled) leather seats, a boon during the colder mornings and early starts that are a photographer’s lot. Having said that, the jury’s still out on the value of the £2000 Lux Pack, which also includes a huge panoramic sunroof.

It’s still early days, but the big Ford SUV is already racking up plenty of brownie points for its functionality, practicality and comfort. And it’s getting harder to prise the keys from our photographer’s grip.

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